Mechanisms : Why these 7 ingredients are chosen?

Before we begin looking at the ingredients that should be present in a hGH supplement, we have to understand by what mechanisms can we induce growth hormone release response in the pituitary gland of the hypothalamus.

Our body’s endocrine system is quite complex and dynamic. God has given us such an intricate and complex system that even after years of research, scientists have not been able to fully understand. Like, for example in some cases, they observe that a drug compound produces a certain hormonal effect in the body, however they don’t know the exact mechanism why it happens. An example of this is the drug modafinil which is a motivational drug and supposedly increases “dopamine” in the body, however some scientists claim it works by influencing other neurotransmitters ie. norepinephrine and histamine.

When it comes to increasing “growth hormone” in the body, here are some of the pathways or mechanisms which can be influenced while using supplements. The best hGH supplement would be one that influences and works by all of the following mechanisms.