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This is a liquid HGH drops supplement called Athletic Edge eHGH Booster Liquid Drops that contains a proprietary blend. This is a homeopathic product from a company Anumed in which Dr. Rene Ryba MD. has played an important role as Director of R&D. After years of deep studies of the options offered by the alternative approach Dr. Rene found his passion in the scientific arm of Naturopathic Medicine which he views as a great “synergistic bridge”, a missing link in the contemporary medical care. Although the formula looks good on paper, there is, there is a lot of controversy regarding the functioning of “hgh sprays” and “homeopathic HGH”, for example the dilution process. However, there are some people who swear by homeopathic HGH products and the results they bring. Needless to say, the product has lots of mixed reviews. You might be interested in reading our list of top rated homeopathic HGH products and why they are controversial. Also, read more on our all top rated HGH products.


  • Nice blend of ingredients
  • Formulated by a naturopathic doctor Dr. Rene Ryba MD
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  • Not many user reviews are available
  • Homeopathic products come with a lot of caveats. Read more.
  • If you’re looking specifically for homeopathic products, there are better products out there. Read more.


The Athletic Edge Booster was specially formulated with nutritious, patented ingredients that aim to increase lean muscle mass, improve performance, reduce fat, and increase vitality by boosting the activity of your cell functions.

As an “anabolic” hormone, hGH stimulates tissue growth and regeneration. For example, in children and adolescents hGH increases height and stimulates growth of the body organs including the brain.

Other functions of hGH include a role in stimulating the immune system and increased muscle mass and bone strength through stimulation of protein synthesis and bone mineralization. Whilst hGH has many other significant roles in the body, it is these anabolic (building) processes that are largely responsible for its popularity as a body building and anti-aging therapy.

Over time, our bodies may begin to plateau and slow down with regards to energy levels, metabolism, and overall growth. Between the daily events of your lifestyle, your resistance can begin to lack and take a toll on your productivity and mood. In particular, Fitness enthusiasts may find themselves experiencing stagnation as their muscle mass and weight management does not result in continuous improvement.


Athletic edge hgh ingredients include –

Proprietary Blend Containing Anumed-IntehGH 6X, 12C Purified Active Water with 20% ethyl alcohol

Other Important Information

Do not use if tamper evident seal is missing or broken. As with any drug, if you are pregnant or nursing a baby, consult a health care professional before using this product.

Keep out of reach of children.

Store between 50 – 95F (10 -35C) and away from sunlight, microwaves, computers, and x-rays.

Athletic Edge Booster provides a solution to these limitations!

The Athletic Edge Booster was specially formulated with nutritious, patented ingredients that aim to increase lean muscle mass, improve performance, reduce fat, and increase vitality by boosting the activity of your cell functions.

The Athletic Edge Booster consists of rich, patented ingredients that maximize cell performance.

One of the key compounds is our patented Athletic Edge Booster compound. This ingredient is a protein that stimulates change at a cellular level. Because of the stimulus, your cells improved functionality will progressively increase your body’s energy and muscles mass capacity.

Another essential component to the patented Athletic Edge Booster formula is our purified active water with 20% ethyl alcohol. This solution provides a solid foundation for our patented formula to thrive and provide your body maximum results.

Researchers in the state of California gathered more than 40 studies on the effects of compounds with the same properties as Athletic Edge Booster on athletic individuals. Considering 303 participants with an average of 27 years, the review demonstrated that the participants who received the compound experienced growth in lean body mass as opposed to those who did not receive it.

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Product is great. Lucky vitamin does a great job with delivery and meeting my needs. Will continue to shop at lucky vitamin

Included in these are D-aspartic acid, ZMA, ginkgo biloba, l-arginine, muira pauma and swedish floral pollen, amongst others, all of which help deliver more energy, improve storage, boost sex drive, encourage fat reduction, and increase muscle mass, bone relative density, and metabolic process. HGF-1 is another product – a Nighttime Rest Formula manufactured by XPI.

Testosterone can be both anabolic and androgenic, and therefore users will experience boosts in muscle mass in addition to in strength. Eventually some cellular material became senescent and perform SASP signalling but its just the end of the iceberg and the majority of tissue damage is performed much earlier.

Normally, intervals of supplementation are alternated with breaks, to provide the muscle tissue and your body system time to rest. Additionally it is useful to use tests to establish, whether you can find vitamin deficiencies, in fact it is equally important that supplement levels-such as vitamin D3- aren’t too high rather than too low. However the function of the cell will not decline that much as noticed from the ageing organism phenotype.

Therefore, when you ingest all those amino acids in “Athletic Edge hgh + IGF-1”, your body will try its better to counter the effects so the change in hGH levels will not happen. Increased energy, improved performance, reduced body-fat, increased muscle tissue, thickening of your skin, improved sleep, enhanced bone power, improved cognitive efficiency, and increased lifespan are simply a number of the benefits being shopped to ageing men seeking to add years with their life and life with their years.

HGH produced from the pituitary, is vital for the growth and restoration of body tissues. The business is offering a top quality range of the HGH ANTI-AGING Supplements to the clients all over the world. In newborns, basal IGF-1 amounts are low, but as human beings develop, the GH signals loop and the regulation of IGF-1 are more pronounced. After they shed quite a lot of weight, the degrees of their GH returned on track. This is very welcome, needless to say. These supplements help the creation of energy in every cells of your body and serve as a security for cells from free of charge radical damage.

New Check For Doping In Racehorses

IGF-1 Plus Ultra and Optimum can improve athletic efficiency by increasing strength, stamina (stamina), increasing oxygen carrying capability of the blood, repairing minimal tissue damage occurring either during schooling or in a competitive event and improving the disease fighting capability of athletes whose disease fighting capability has been compromised during severe exertion. Pure IGF straight supplements the growth factors which are the main element to recovery related symptoms. The activities of growth factors will be the restoration of normal body procedures and strengthening of your body, possibly resulting in mental and physical performance enhance, and enhancement of the disease fighting capability.

Following intense exercise, the disease fighting capability temporarily shuts down so the body can get over the physical stress. The creation of T-cells and organic killer (NK) cellular material is suppressed.

Sportsmen’s Undetectable “Candy” : IGF-1 supplements

Earlier this year, Major Little league Baseball started talks using its union to investigate adopting a fresh test for hgh. Keeping blood sugar levels consistent during the day avoids catabolism, or destructive metabolic process, where muscle protein is divided into proteins for fuel. Whenever a person’s glucose level starts to drop within two hours of the last food, those proteins are converted to glucose to be able to raise the blood glucose back to homeostasis to insure the mind includes a consistent fuel supply. Your body is very efficient in this technique, but rather self-defeating if the target is to preserve or increase muscle mass. Through the fasting state between meals, your body is essentially consuming its muscle mass to fuel the brain. However, anabolism, or productive metabolism, may be the buildup of muscle proteins from proteins. Having some protein in your body’s gas tank keeps the mind fueled and maintains muscle mass. IGF-1 plays a critical function by preventing catabolism and marketing anabolism.

rhGH happens to be undetectable by urinalysis. Recognition is by blood evaluation and depends on the difference between your isoforms of hGH. Endogenous hGH comprises 70% 22 Kilodaltons (KDa) and 30% 20 KDa, whereas rhGH can be 100% 22 KDa 38 Analysis has been executed on rhGH inducing the creation of IGF-1 and markers of collagen metabolic process, type 3 pro-collagen (P-III-P), using gender specific logarithms, but it has yet to be followed by WADA 39 GH- 2000 formulae display reasonable sensitivity, with false-positive prices of =1 in 10,000, but WADA won’t adopt immunoassays they don’t own, to prevent commercial businesses changing their immunoassays. That is a political decision, not predicated on scientific discovery and can be delaying a robust test that may withstand legal challenge.

Notes: HGH injections could make you fork out over $15000 a year and will be pricey. HGH Additions It really is HGH additions or releasers which are the most preferred kind of HGH. These HGH additions are also known as Secretagogues (as stated in ) They help excite your pituitary galnd to ensure that it can increase creation and emission of its HGH. Since there is no manmade hormone getting into your system, there aren’t any aspect HGH additions are comprised of proteins and other naturally sourced substances. These HGH releasers might help provide a total body make-over which is one the explanations they will have now turn into a gigantic hit among folks searching for solutions to fight and combat age results.

Not precisely what works in mice functions in humans, which explains why it’s critical to accomplish the rigorous individual trials,” says Leonard Guarente , a co-founder of Elysium and its own chief scientist. The business is studying the potency of its NR-containing supplement for several circumstances in people, including kidney damage and fatty liver. Early this season, Elysium published a little trial showing that its item could potentially slower the neurodegenerative disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. ChromaDex’s NR health supplement is also the main topic of many clinical trials, with the business recently sponsoring a report of its results on cognitive function, disposition and sleep in people over the age of 55.

For instance, Athletic Edge hgh is beneficial since it stimulates the pituitary gland, leading to it to produce more of the organic hormone. Unlike the countless hgh pills and more solid products out there, this spray is known as a homeopathic remedy. The substances it contains comply with the product quality standards established into place by the Government Food and Drug Administration. Aswell, there are no known unwanted effects connected with this HGH spray. It is strongly recommended that whenever you take it, you achieve this for three months. Of these who’ve used it for 90 days, there were no complications reported.