PT-141 (Bremelanotide)

First and foremost the one thing that you must understand is that PT 141 is still a drug or pharmaceutical in the research and development stage. It is not a dietary supplement and anyone selling it as a dietary supplement is trying to pull a fast one on you and most likely they are trying to sell you bogus PT 141. Being that PT 141 is in the research and development stage means that the pharmaceutical company Palatin is still working with the FDA to legally sell it with a doctors prescription. From what it looks like PT 141 is set to be available from a doctor or approved as a new drug in 2019. But in the meantime, if you do not feel like waiting there are plenty of places you can obtain this research peptide.




PT 141 actually comes from the research peptide Melanotan 1 and Melanotan 2. Therefore you can call it a melanocortin peptide.

The benefits of PT 141 Bremelanotide include:
  • Higher sex drive and increased sexual desire.
  • Greater sexual frequency.
  • Clinically researched and approved treatment for erectile dysfunction and/or impotence.
  • Effective treatment for premenopausal women with Hypoactive Sexual Disorder.
  • Increased levels of natural energy.

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How it works?

PT-141 is a nonselective agonist that binds to melanocortin receptors. PT-141 peptide therapy activates your dopamine hormones which enhance your sexual performance and stimulate sexual motivation.

PT-141 works directly on your nervous system, bypassing the vascular system entirely.

Side Effects

Like with all drugs there are side effects. Again, noting the 2016 study above out of the approximately 300 women that used this drug, only a few experienced nausea, and vomiting. Here are the possible side effects
● nausea
● vomiting
● headache
● flushing
● Upper respiratory infection
● Pain at the injection point.

More information

You may feel the effects of your peptide therapy within minutes, though it could take a few hours. Effects of PT-141 therapy may last up to 24 hours.

As a result of their peptide therapy, some men have described having longer-lasting erections –up to 2-6 hours. PT-141 affects everyone differently. You may feel discomfort at the injection site, such as reddening, bumping, or pain. Other side effects may include flushing, an increase in blood pressure that causes a headache, slowed heart rate, and nausea.

The natural form of Melanotan 2—alpha-Melanocyte stimulating hormone—is commonly used to create skin-darkening pigments. Injections may darken your lips, or the skin of your face. Dr. Truong will discuss these risks with you prior to your first procedure.


A study was published in 2016 that tested its use on women. It was determined in the study that a dose of 1.25 mg and 1.75mg was the dosage to use to improve sexual desire. This drug is an injection.

In conclusion, this drug is an experimental drug. Under no circumstance should you consider this a supplement, vitamin, or a research chemical. It is only called a research chemical so that websites can TRY to circumnavigate the legal system. The FDA still has not called this drug SAFE either. It MIGHT be approved but if the FDA finds that its side effects are too great it will not be sold on the market. Be very careful with Bremelanotide and if you experience any side effects discontinue use.

User reviews

Review 1
This product does what it Is supposed to do well happy to find a good product like this !

Review 2
Wasn’t sure on how much Bac. water to add. Added 4mls. …
After approx 3hrs this product worked 100% for me and lasted 24hrs.

Review 3

Wasn’t sure on how much Bac. water to add. Added 4mls. …
After approx 3hrs this product worked 100% for me and lasted 24hrs.


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