RAD 140

RAD140, also known as Testolone is often referred to as the most powerful SARM. It is still being researched by a pharmaceutical company called Radius Health.




Such is the effectiveness of RAD 140. Bodybuilders look for a drug that has a higher anabolic: androgenic ratio because such drugs imply they are good for putting on the dry lean mass. Testolone has a ratio 80:1, thus making it a suitable product for bodybuilding.

If you want to develop muscle mass beyond its natural limitations or to overcome a plateau in fat loss, then you need to mix up your nutrition or training regime. An excellent strategy it to find a supplement that will give you that extra lift in the gym. SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) definitely fit this bill, as they increase your lifting performance and help to build serious muscle mass. RAD 140 or Testolone is a very safe and powerful SARM that mimics the performance of steroids- without the unwanted side efforts.

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How it works?

RAD 140 is a powerful SARM designed to make the hormonal receptors (in the muscle tissue), act in a similar way as if they were getting a hit of testosterone. This mechanism sets off similar effects of cycling with steroids minus the side effects.

Specifically, RAD 140 blasts the muscle cells with a mild increase in testosterone. This creates a wave of anabolic effects (increases muscle mass and blasts off fat). This scenario is similar to the impact that a larger dose of testosterone has on the body (1), but without the adverse side effects e.g. enlarged heart muscle, risk of heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Side Effects

Well, these SARMs are selective in everything they do.

Yes, it does have a few mild side effects but they are very manageable. The most mentioned side effects are headaches, increased aggression, and a short temper.

However, these side effects are often caused by a high dosage of Testolone. This is why I always recommend to run it at lower dosages of 10 to a maximum of 20mg a day. This way, you’ll be able to focus solely on making progress.

By binding to the androgen receptors in a selective way, you’ll experience benefits without having to worry about side effects.

More information

The study also listed the following benefits:

An increase in overall stamina during long training sessions.
Quicker muscle development and performance.
Reduced androgenic effects on the prostate tissue, thus decreasing the risk of prostate cancer.
Used to treat muscle wastage- it will protect your gains.
Improves bone health and strength.
Only targets specific tissues i.e. bone and muscle.


It is recommended that that you take between 20-30mg of RAD-140 on a daily basis for no more than a 12 week cycle. Take a 4 week break off Testolone, and then you can begin the cycle again. You can use for both cutting and bulking, as it protects
your muscle tissue and builds muscle mass. It can be stacked with MK-677 (please read the MK-677 for more information on this SARM).


RAD 140 or Testolone is a very safe and powerful SARM that mimics the performance of steroids- without the unwanted side efforts.

User reviews

I’ve used this compound about for about 3 cycles now and every single time it manages to amaze me. At first, I didn’t expect it to be that strong.

I’ve tried all the popular sarms like Ostarine and Ligandrol and had heard good things about RAD140. Ever since I had tried it it’s been my to-go for building strength and mass.

The rate at which it increases strength and mass is impressive. I’ve tried many different SARMs but still find this one to be the best for gaining size.


Review 3

Very Good product!!!!!!



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