BPC-157 is a peptide chain consisting of 15 amino acids. It is considered synthetic because this particular sequence does not exist in nature. It is derived from a protective protein found in the stomach.




Researchers have conducted numerous rodent studies on BPC-157 that show it has protective effects extending beyond the stomach and intestinal tract. BPC-157 has been shown to benefit ulcers in the stomach, intestinal damage such as fistulas and inflammatory disorders, bone and joint healing and growth rates, and organ damage.

The human body does not produce BPC157. … As little as one dose can have noticeable benefits; however, BPC157 is far more effective when bodybuilders take it as part of a longer-term regimen. BPC157 is often used to treat inflammatory bowel disease and gastric ulcers. But researchshows that it has even more benefits.

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It also has some influences on the brain. Researchers have observed marked protective effects when BPC-157 is administered to rats alongside a research toxin or damaging surgical procedure.
More research is needed to clarify whether BPC-157 has multiple mechanisms of action, but current research suggests BPC-157 influences several growth factors usually involved in angiogenesis (the production of blood vessels) and other factors involved in regeneration following damage.

BPC-157 shows promise, but human studies are needed to demonstrate that these benefits extend beyond research animals.

How it works?

BPC 157 likely promotes muscle and tendon healing by triggering the formation of new blood vessels – a process called angiogenesis (by increasing VEGF). This explains its regenerative potential and why it might also help heal wounds, cuts, and other types of damage in the body

By increasing new blood vessels, it might help with IBD, in which healing of the inflamed gut lining is slow.
Additionally, BPC 157 may promote wound and tendon healing by blocking the growth-inhibiting effects of a specific molecule (called 4‐hydroxynonenal).

It might specifically help tendons heal by causing tendon cells to make more receptors for growth of signalling molecules. This, in turn, allows the tendon cells to grow and move during injury repair, speeding up the process.

It can also reduce inflammation, which is probably involved in its effects on wounds, ulcers, and tissue protection.

BPC 157 can also influence the activity of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. In turn, it might help with depression, seizures, pain, and may even promote gut health. More research is needed to understand exactly how it works in the brain.

Lastly, it can increase the production of nitric oxide (NO), which lowers blood pressure and helps to reduce the effects of high potassium levels.

Side Effects

Keep in mind that BPC 157 is a practically unresearched substance. Due to the absence of clinical studies, its safety profile in humans is unknown. Talk to your doctor before supplementing with this peptide and report any side effects that you notice after taking it.
In one study, 32 healthy male volunteers were given BPC 157 enemas and reportedly had no notable adverse effects. However, important details like dosage aren’t readily available, and enemas are not the typical route of administration.

Additionally, these results appear to have only been presented at conferences and have not yet gone through peer review.

More information

Health benefits of BPC-157 that were discovered during several studies concluded that BPC-157 was:
● Responsible for improved tendon outgrowth, cell survival, and migration, thereby promoting ligament and tendon recovery when administered via drinking water for test rats with damaged collateral medial ligaments.
● Effective in the direct healing of tendon to bone, that may perhaps effectively replace current reconstructive surgical procedures.
● Highly effective in neutralizing the damage if the gut lining, caused by NSAID drugs.
● Able to reverse damage caused by inflammatory bowel disease within several days of administration in lab rats with IBS.
● Successful in curing periodontal disease in rats when regularly administered.
● Effective in reversing systemic corticosteroid damaged muscle recovery in rat subjects. As a result of a set dose, administered once per day for 14 days to rats with a compressed gastrocnemius muscle.
● Responsible for promoting the healing of bone in rabbits inflicted with an experimental segmental bone defect.
Additionally, BPC-157 is known to be a stable form of gastric Penta decapeptide as a result of its stability in the gastric juice of humans, its anabolic healing properties for both the lower and upper gastrointestinal tract, a reversing effect on ulcers as well as healing properties for inflammatory bowel disease without any side effects.


The closest possible recommended dose is based on rat studies where oral administration showed benefit, as most studies administer the supplement via injection. The oral dose that was effective in rats, 10 μg/kg, is estimated to be equivalent to 1.6 μg/kg, or:
● 110 μg for a 150lb person
● 145 μg for a 200lb person
● 180 μg for a 250lb person

There are currently no human pharmacokinetic studies to assess species differences.


BPC 157 is a peptide that has been reported to have unique regenerative properties, from reducing inflammation to protecting organs from damage to healing tendons and wounds.
Studies in animal models show the promise of this peptide, but clinical studies are lacking.

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Excellent product. NOT a fraud!!! Do not fear, this product is legitimate. Received very quickly. Came very well packaged. I would highly recommend. I have achieved a high rate of efficacy. Very successful trials. Recommend 240 mcg doses twice a day for 10 to 14 days for optimal results.

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Have suffered from torn Achilles’ tendon injury for 2 years and this is the first real relief I have found just and to my surprise from the first bottle of treatment. I will continue to post as I am ordering my second bottle now. I highly recommend this product.

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I have been fighting Crohn’s disease for the majority of my life. I have been on a cocktail of prescription drugs and infusions that have never had the effect that RG1 and BPC-157 had on me. Within 1 month at 4 caps a day, I am 90% in remission. After one 1 month I have reduced to 2 caps a day and still maintain that 90%. I highly recommend for anyone with Crohn;s, Colitis and IBD to repair your gut! Plus the BigBoyz team are a pleasure to deal with and will go out of their way to help where they can.

Review 4

I have tendon issues so thought I would give this a shot, not sure if it’s quality or my known problems with absorption from caffeine influenced gut problems too but haven’t noticed a notable difference (personally!) but yet to finish the tub and also I’ve got a broken finger so gym isn’t as decent as usual. Ill find out soon how well its working (for me, everyone’s different) soon. Shipping and everything else was perfect, thanks guys


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