Cabergoline is a medicine used to treat hyperprolactinemia, a condition characterized by high levels of prolactin — a natural substance in the body that helps breastfeeding women produce milk




Cabergoline can help treat symptoms associated with irregular menstruation, unwanted breast milk production, infertility, bone loss, and sexual problems.

People with pituitary gland tumors also produce too much prolactin. Cabergoline is often used to help treat this condition.

The drug is also occasionally used to help treat Parkinson’s disease (a nervous system disorder that causes problems with movement, balance, and muscle control).

Too much prolactin can cause health problems in men, and in women who aren’t breastfeeding.

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Cabergoline is in a class of medicines knowns as dopamine receptor agonists. It works by reducing levels of prolactin in the body.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved cabergoline in 1996. This generic medicine is manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies.

How it works?

Cabergoline belongs to a class of drugs called dopamine agonists. A class of drugs is a group of medications that work in a similar way. These drugs are often used to treat similar conditions.
Dopamine is a chemical your body makes. It prevents your body from releasing prolactin. Cabergoline works by binding to dopamine receptors. This also keeps your body from releasing prolactin, which helps decrease your prolactin levels.

Side Effects

The more common side effects of cabergoline oral tablet can include:
● nausea
● constipation
● headache
● dizziness
● weakness or lack of energy

If these effects are mild, they may go away within a few days or a couple of weeks. If they’re more severe or don’t go away, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.
More information
Keep these considerations in mind if your doctor prescribes cabergoline oral tablet for you.

● You should take this drug at the time(s) recommended by your doctor.
● You can take this drug with or without food.
● You can cut or crush the tablet.
● Not every pharmacy stocks this drug. When filling your prescription, be sure to call ahead to make sure your pharmacy carries the drug.


Typical starting dosage: 0.25 mg taken twice per week.
Dosage increases: Your doctor may increase your dosage by 0.25 mg. This decision depends on your prolactin levels. Your doctor may increase your dosage once every 4 weeks.
Maximum dosage: 1 mg twice per week.


Cabergoline prevents/suppresses physiological lactation by inhibiting prolactin secretion. In controlled clinical trials, cabergoline given as a single 1 mg administration during the first day post-partum, was effective in inhibiting milk secretion, as well as breast engorgement and pain in 70 – 90% of the women.

User reviews

Review 1
I was diagnosed with hyperprolactinoma about 4 months ago after 8 months of missed periods. I was put on Cabergoline. I read so many scary reviews about how horrible people felt on it. I have to say this drug is miraculous. Within 3 days of taking it, my period came back, and my depression, anxiety and mental fog lifted within a week. People with high prolactin levels develop anxiety and mental fog but it happens so gradually you dont realize it until you actually start to feel well. As far as symptoms go, the first two weeks I felt a little lightheaded right after taking the pill, and a slight stuffy nose. But that was it, and by the third week my body was used to it and I was symptom free. I have also lost about 10 lbs since I began taking it. Apparently high prolactin levels are responsible for stubborn hormonal weight gain particularly in the belly area. I feel like my old self again and i couldn’t be happier with this drug

Review 2
Diagnosed with a prolactinoma in ’09 after noticing visual disturbances and lactation (wasn’t pregnant). Tests and scans ran and tumor discovered. Prolactin levels were higher than what’s normal and specialist prescribed Cabergoline 1/2 a tablet twice a week. Only major side effect I’ve noticed is insomnia. I never get a restful night’s worth of sleep. I have miscarried 4 different times anywhere from 3-6 months into the pregnancy within the past 10 years. I have been told mixed reasons on why this keeps happening and if it’s related to the prolactinoma or not. Lost over 70lbs with newfound lifestyle of working out and eating nutritiously along with Cabergoline. I wouldn’t be surprised if the medicine helped, given I started losing weight within a month of not even trying. Stopped taking it for about 6 months at one point and initial symptoms came back. I continue to take it with no noticeable mood swings or lethargy even though I still suffer from insomnia.

Review 3

Husbands had ‘bulky’ pituitary, prolactin level 29,000, taking dostinex since Oct 2019. Had virtual reality dreams, high sexual urges, erections at most inconvenient times. Sees me as girlfriend, married 45 yrs. Was caught on senior dating website last year, as I was not able or wanting to satisfy his sudden urges (which I did not even know he had, until it all came out suddenly). Had a lot of rows over it, no explicit warnings from Docs highlighting these extreme side effects. He wants me to change hair, makeup, buying sexual toys, underwear for me. Doc at hospital now halved his dose to half tablet a week BUT he’s still taking the same dose. I can’t make him change it. Been a real pain for me, I’ve wanted to move out a few times. Plus side: Prolactin now 300, pituitary shrunk down. Really reacted well to treatment

Review 4

Taking Dostinex (UK) Prolactin levels prior were 29,000! now around 300. after 5 months. 0.5mg tablet taken in two doses (half tablet a week. Pituitary has shrunk, no face ache on laying down, nose/sinus is not blocked now. Had extreme sexual desire, thinking about sex 24/7, bit better now. Having virtual reality dreams, like LSD effects. Feel like a 20 year old male (I’m 64) like a teenager again! Having a lot of memories coming back from years ago. Wife feels like my girlfriend instead, like I’m young again. Going swimming now. She says I’m like Jekyll and Hyde, odd moods. Pituitary team Monday so hopefully can stop it.


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