TB-500 Thymosin

TB-500 is a synthetic replica of Thymosin Beta 4, a protein peptide that occurs naturally in the bodies of both animals and humans. Although TB-500 is available for research purposes, it is commonly used by veterinarians who conduct clinical trials using TB-500 on horses. The main reason for this is due to TB-500’s powerful healing properties which expedite a speedy recovery from injuries.




As a result of benefit, TB-500 is commonly used in horse racing in order to increase performance and lessen the occurrence of injuries.

The study of Thymosin began in the 1960s and centred around the development of the thymus gland in the vertebrate immune system. Dr. Allan Goldstein started a company which formulated thymosin alpha 1, in order to increase immune cell activity and subsequently thymosin beta 4 or TB-500, in order to accelerate healing and wound repair.

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How it works?

TB-500 has the ability to control the upregulation of cell-building proteins. An example of this is TB-500’s upregulation of actin, a protein that forms together with myosin as the contractile filaments in muscle cells, as well as the metabolism and motion of other similar type cells. Due to actin’s upregulation, TB-500 is able to promote cell growth, cell migration, healing and the proliferation of cells. Moreover, besides the added benefit of creating new blood vessel pathways, inflammation is decreased for greater wound healing.

TB-500’s molecular structure and lower molecular weight make it very flexible and versatile improving its ability to travel greater distances through various body tissues. This accelerated ability to move throughout the body, allows TB-500 to essentially target areas of injury to quickly begin the healing process. Additionally, people who have used TB-500 have reported greater flexibility, less inflammation in tendons, darkening of gray hair and improved hair growth. Most recently, there are studies underway testing TB-500’s ability to heal damaged heart tissue, a medical called ventricular hypertrophy.

Side Effects

Most peptides generally can produce a lightheadedness or nauseous feeling upon injection. Also, flu-like symptoms are prevalent among many other peptides as well. However, the incidence of these negative side effects occurring with TB500 administration is reported to be very low, if at all. TB 500 appears to be a very well tolerated peptide among users.

More information

While TB-500 is not a prescription drug, the peptide has been used significantly in horse racing so as to inhibit the formation of adhesions. The human use of thymosin started around 1974, with the first reported case being a young girl who was injected with thymosin due to a nonfunctioning thymus gland. Since then, an increasing number of athletes and biohackers have been using thymosin.

In various studies, TB-500 has revealed that it offers many of the same effects as that of growth hormone (GH), including but not limited to:
● Greater muscle growth through increased strength.
● Greater endurance.
● Accelerated healing for wounds.
● Reduction of acute and/or chronic pain including inflammation.
● Greater increase in flexibility.
● Increased hair growth.


TB500 comes as a freeze dried (lyophilized) powder. Research has shown that best results are achieved when bacteriostatic sodium chloride 0.9% is used to reconstitute thymosin peptides. TB 500 dosages can range from 5mg to 20 mg per week. Administration is generally divided into 2-3 injections per week. Once the peptide is built up in the system, the weekly dosage is generally lowered a bit to a maintenance dosage of about half or less of the original weekly dose. Administration of maintenance dosage can be made once per week.
TB500 is typically injected subcutaneously, though it can also be injected into muscle if desired..


As a result of TB-500’s use by veterinarians in healing the injuries of racehorses, Medivet-Equine a company that manufactures a non-prescription version of TB-500 analyzed the results of the racehorses, and has reported that TB-500 provides a diverse number of benefits to mammals of any size, including but not limited to:
● Stimulates faster surface wound healing with minimal scarring and minor discomfort.
● It provides healing at a cellular level, including stem cells as the main component of wound healing and organ regeneration.
● Promotes blood vessel regeneration.
● Has been shown to counter diabetes in canines.
● Lessens joint inflammation.
● Improved levels in stamina and greater endurance.

User reviews

Review 1
It works. Thank God it really works. No bad reactions no false misleading blah blah anyting. It is sufficient. The product is sufficient enough to increase quality of life.

Review 2
Used the product for 3 weeks and I’m satisfied with the results.

Review 3

I have been using 5 mg per day, right hip where I have severe osteoarthritis and pain. I’m needing a hip replacement. Since using TB 500 after five doses hip pain is almost totally gone it’s incredible! The healing properties are amazing. I’m so satisfied. I’m able to use all 25 mg in a week because I use 5 mg per day

Review 4

This product has been seeming to work well for inflammation of a bad hip. Also the overall tone of muscle has been better in general. Dose is definitely important depending on wieght a lower dose does not seem as effective for larger creatures. The price is a little high for an amino acid chain but all in all a decent product.


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